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Welcome back to the show that plays and supports Unsigned, independent artists in the world of the Metal and Rock Genre!
I have searched high and low as always on various websites. I have found plenty and mixed in is a couple of our Rockcast favourites on the show; including 2 BRAND NEW songs tonight!
On the playlist, a band that I interviewed last year making a huge impact on their return and for the future. A power Metal band that’s unsigned?? A band that sounds like a band that I listened to when I was a young fanatic! Irish Punk and Dark Punk! (Not Daft Punk!) Italian Rock and the band that I’ve supported since their discovery from last years Halloween special! Plus so many more! Let’s check out the playlist:
Weapon of choice…Trooper and Pepsi!

Faith in Violence – Snake in the Grass
DragonThrone – DragonThrone (DEMO)
Podracer – Easy Singles
System of Hate – Ashes of Divinity
Core Critical – Cynical
Klogr – Draw Closer
A Feast for Kings – Living Deceased
Skarthia – No Last Words
Faith in Violence – Baby You’re Just a Change of Scenery
Kamikaze Test Pilots – Patrick

Boom! Fantastic, awesome playlist with bands that that destined for the future!
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Take care and I’ll see you next week for more fun!

Odie or OdieZombie

Its been a while since I last reviewed an album!
I decide to check out the album I got donated by a promising metal band from North London. This is Skarthia debut album ‘Retaliate’

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Go Support them!!

I also placed an ad for the upcoming Jupiter Falls Debut album (Notice my words made it in the video!!)
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Take care Fanatics and I’ll see you next time on the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
Keep it Awesome!!



TRICK Playlist

Girlz Melon – Tales from the Crypt

Underlined – The Suffering

AngelFlayer – The Devil and the Priest

Black Mire – Ex Inferis

Ancient Ascendant – The Scorn of Dead Men

Zombie Death Stench – March of the Dead

Diementia – Cracked

Beneath the Wake – Apparitions Of Guilt

Skarthia – Demolition

Flayed Disciple – Interceptor

Thanks for listening Fanatics!! Happy Halloween!

Keep it Awesome!
Odie ‘Mr Fanatic’
Rock Fanatic Rockcast

TREAT Playlist


Februus – This is Halloween

Reverend Hellbastard – Pimp my Grave

Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus – Go Go Dance

Alucard – Rock N’ Roll Death Machine

Deathwood – Number 85

Release the Bats – Spooky Julie

Cosmic Monster – Waiting for my Number

Full Story at Midnight – Lawn Mower Limb Thrower

The Renfields – Transylvania Fight Song

Dead by Dawn – Jimmy Returns

Fearless Vampire Killers – Could We Burn, Darling?

Thanks for listening Fanatics!! Happy Halloween!

Keep it Awesome!
Odie ‘Mr Fanatic’
Rock Fanatic Rockcast