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Welcome back to the Rockcast!!

The British weather is being evil as always! Never fear, I have a playlist that will get you excited within the genre! Pull up a chair with your favorite beverage and some snacks!
We have a few returning favorites! Epic Viking Metal! More Power Metal from the UK, Industrial metal from New York, a band I found on Youtube after watching Alter Bridge music videos and add some punk into the mix and much more!!
Let’s take a look at tonight’s Playlist!

Varga – After Life Comes
Ravenage – Fresh From Fields of Victory
Starblind – Crystal Tears,
Winters Edge – The Shadows Come for Me
Plague of Humanity – Good Try
Gravity Storm – It Won’t Be Long
Skull Pin – Steem
Steady is the Enemy – What’s Up with Amanda Bynes
Twisted Wrath – North Titan
Khaos – After the Silence

Like any of the bands? Make sure you give them some love and support! Give those bands extra likes, purchase/download their music etc. You’ll be supporting the future of those bands!

Thank you for listening fanatics!
See you next time!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast OR @OdieZombie


Welcome back to the show that plays and supports Unsigned, independent artists in the world of the Metal and Rock Genre!
I have searched high and low as always on various websites. I have found plenty and mixed in is a couple of our Rockcast favourites on the show; including 2 BRAND NEW songs tonight!
On the playlist, a band that I interviewed last year making a huge impact on their return and for the future. A power Metal band that’s unsigned?? A band that sounds like a band that I listened to when I was a young fanatic! Irish Punk and Dark Punk! (Not Daft Punk!) Italian Rock and the band that I’ve supported since their discovery from last years Halloween special! Plus so many more! Let’s check out the playlist:
Weapon of choice…Trooper and Pepsi!

Faith in Violence – Snake in the Grass
DragonThrone – DragonThrone (DEMO)
Podracer – Easy Singles
System of Hate – Ashes of Divinity
Core Critical – Cynical
Klogr – Draw Closer
A Feast for Kings – Living Deceased
Skarthia – No Last Words
Faith in Violence – Baby You’re Just a Change of Scenery
Kamikaze Test Pilots – Patrick

Boom! Fantastic, awesome playlist with bands that that destined for the future!
Support your favorite on Facebook and you’ll be supporting the future of the genre!

Take care and I’ll see you next week for more fun!

Odie or OdieZombie



*NOTE* Its quiet from the start, this is called a fade in effect, so give it 10 seconds plus to listen! Thanks!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!
Mr Fanatic is 30! :-O
2014 is the year of Heavy Metal and Rock!
So far, the start of this year has been fantastic! Thank you for the amazing support!

Let’s not waste anymore time! Let’s take a look at the playlist!

Butcher Babies – I Smell a Massacre
Battlecross – Force Fed Lies
Living Illusion – Why
The Reaper – Mark My Words
Owls in the Attic – Don’t Look Down
Glamour of the Kill – Supremacy
Baleful Creed – Baleful Creed
Mortal Fear – Out to Destroy

Throughout this Rockcast, I read Birthday messages and even play some for ya! Thank you to those that sent me messages the lot! You guys are amazing!!

We’re aiming to get Varga to the UK this year! I have started hashtags!
Spread around #Varga4Download AND #Varga4Bloodstock on twitter!

HELP ME HERE! The more we do this, the better chances we have!

Now that this Rockcast is done, I’ve got some Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies to catch up with!

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Thank you!



Well this is the last Rockcast of 2013! This year has been fantastic for finding new talent! I think next year will go one better!!
So for this Rockcast, I have a playlist that shows that these are the guys we should keep an eye on for next year!
So grab your favourite New Year’s Cocktail, a tube of pringles and turn the volume up to 11!!
I present you THE FUTURE:

Spoken intro by the awesome Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast
Neberu – Blacklight/Whitelight
Powermouth – I Love my Chainsaw
Goodmorning, Gorgeous – In Us We Trust
Walking Across Jupiter – Right to Life
Annihilation – Hear Them
The Vincent(s) – Asked Her to Dance
Migration of the Herd – It’s a Trap
A Hero for the World – End of Time
Shock – Fighting Chance

Ending by: A Hero for the World – Auld Lang Syne

Well Fanatics!
As I mentioned in the Rockcast, I thank you for the fantastic awesome support via Facebook, Twitter & Email!!
So here’s to 2013, time to put that in the bin and get out 2014!
Have a fantastic new year fanatics!!
If your that next big thing of 2014, email me!!
See you Next Year!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast


More Brazillian Metal! First Irish Metal! Catchy Songs!! An exclusive track from San Francisco! PLUS!! A track from a Death Metal Legend!!

So here’s the playlist;

My Fair Lady - For Nothing We Stand
One Shot Kill – Come Out Alive
iHate – Stretcher (**NEW SONG BY THE LEGEND CHRIS BARNES**) Click here to Pledge!
American Head Charge – Set Yourself on Fire
Venrez – Unforeseen
Witch Cross – Demon in the Mirror
Lost in a Name – Poison
Field of Stones – Break Me
The Reaper – Liquid Gold <Click the band’s name to go to the Facebook page! ‘Like’ Them!! Tell them I sent ya!!>

Please click ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ on facebook and twitter respectively on your left!

As mentioned, a halloween special is planned, set for release 31st October AKA Halloween night! I didn’t mention on the rockcast but if you want to be heard on the rockcast especially for my one of a kind Halloween special then send me your recordings and you can be as creative as possible!

Thank you for checking out the latest rockcast!
Keep it Awesome!!