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One band has made a major difference for the Rockcast.
Discovering bands has been a joy to me.
However, one band has made a huge difference!
I proudly show off my collection of merchandise and albums by the awesome Varga!

Head to to hear the songs and PURCHASE Enter The Metal & Return of the Metal. Give them a Like on Facebook and tell them where you discovered them!!

Copyright Vargantuan Music
Varga consist of Joe Varga, Dan Fila, Adam Alex & Sean Williamson

One of the most requested Album reviews of all!
The highly anticipated album, a sequel to one of the best albums of 2013.
A band from Canada made their name known last year on the Rockcast thanks to a link to download ‘Gamera’ for Free.
Is this the sequel we’ve been waiting for?
Watch the video to find out!!


Howdy Fanatics!

Armed with a diet coke (caffeine free!) I present you with a playlist with a legend band with a new singer and new song! New bands that take us to Charlotte, New York and Texas. I have discovered new UK talent. We head back to Essex (Not the TOWIE area!) After the success of Massive Wagons last week. I revisit the band I personally dub the cousins of Massive Wagons!

Let’s check out the playlist!

Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Spine Extraction – Eternity Awaits
Die No More – Council of War
Soul in Tension – One Request
Let Me Embrace – Arrogance
Crescent - Intro/Brotherhood
Killcode – Slave
Promethium - Rain

That’s another Rockcast done for this week!
Got any request, new bands you want me to check out? Donations? Digital or Physical? Send me an email at

See you next time fanatics!!

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I travel to Norway to view some awesome thrash metal!
I present you with Critical Solution. Their debut album ‘Evil Never Dies’ is absolutely fantastic. I was donated this twice, digitally and physically (along with the t-shirt)

Please support the band at their websites:

Buy via iTunes:

The design of the artwork is awesome, designed by Mario Lopez. Go check out his awesome website;


Welcome back to the Rockcast!!

We fly to Russia. We hang around Essex to discover the talent NOT the stereotypical idiots that downgrade the county thanks to brainless television. We go back to Bristol to visit some old friends. I discover an old favorite in the world of death metal. For the first time, I play a band I wish to find out why they disappeared after meeting up in Camden Town years ago…oh and a few characters from an obscure children’s television that I’m the only person that remembers!
Oh and our good friends at Boardwalk Isabella sent a brand new Spoken intro!
Let’s check out the playlist!

Death Valley Knights – Tongue of Fire
Scarred by Name -Kick You When You’re Down (Special request from myself to discover the whereabouts of the band today!)
Crescent – Stand Up
Ten Masked Men – Eye of the Tiger
Edgecrusher – Just Some Grief
Forged in Black – Accusations of the Innocent
Blackwolf – Keep Moving On
Voodoo Six – Take the Blame

As I never mentioned it, I will be attending 2 festivals.
First being The Metal Gods Festival in Mansfield on 31st May and the second the Rock and Metal Circus on 12th, 13th and 14th September in Northampton. More details to follow in future Rockcasts!

Thanks a lot for listening as always!
Any MP3s, album donations, spoken intros or got a MUSIC INTRO to replace the Terminator style intros or anything else, send them to

See you next week for a new Rockcast and Playlist!

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Greetings Fanatics!
Welcome once again to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast, a place where I find the next big thing and help all bands achieve their goal of playing at Download, Sonisphere and Bloodstock.
I am armed with Cadbury Chomps and even Foam Shrimps and bananas.
In this playlist, we have a thrash metal band that’s not signed, we have Iron Maiden influenced bands, Switzerland’s answer to Alter Bridge, bands that Dan Fila of Varga has recommended and for the first time, a genre I’ve hardly touched; Rap Rock.
Let’s check out the playlist!

Lich King - Act of War
Sun Gods in Exile – Hammer Down
Ashes of Ares - This Is My Hell
N2H4  – Hydrazine
Khaøs – Distress Signal
The Worshyp - Diabolic
Disarm Goliath - Embrace the Abyss
From Ashes to New – Stay this Way

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I’m off to finish off my Birthday Cake! (It’s a giant Jaffa Cake incase anyone asks)

Thanks for listening! Keep it Awesome!!



*NOTE* Its quiet from the start, this is called a fade in effect, so give it 10 seconds plus to listen! Thanks!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!
Mr Fanatic is 30! :-O
2014 is the year of Heavy Metal and Rock!
So far, the start of this year has been fantastic! Thank you for the amazing support!

Let’s not waste anymore time! Let’s take a look at the playlist!

Butcher Babies – I Smell a Massacre
Battlecross – Force Fed Lies
Living Illusion – Why
The Reaper – Mark My Words
Owls in the Attic – Don’t Look Down
Glamour of the Kill – Supremacy
Baleful Creed – Baleful Creed
Mortal Fear – Out to Destroy

Throughout this Rockcast, I read Birthday messages and even play some for ya! Thank you to those that sent me messages the lot! You guys are amazing!!

We’re aiming to get Varga to the UK this year! I have started hashtags!
Spread around #Varga4Download AND #Varga4Bloodstock on twitter!

HELP ME HERE! The more we do this, the better chances we have!

Now that this Rockcast is done, I’ve got some Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies to catch up with!

Share this Rockcast with your fellow friends and family!!

Thank you!


2014 is here!! (cue Hugh Laurie ‘Hoorah!’)

2013 was a great year for the Rockcast and the music itself!
I’ve handpicked my favourite moments with the music included!
This episode is for those who have only just started listening to the Rockcast. If your a veteran listener, its not too essential to listen!
My highlights include (in full and in order!):

Fallen to Flux
The Reaper
iHate (Chris Barnes side project)
Martyr De Mona
Art of Dying
Few Dollars More
Jupiter Falls
Massive Wagons
Faith in Violence
Trucker Diablo

What was your favorite moment of 2013?

Thank you for the support fanatics!
Thank you to the bands who took part in my Rockcasts!!
Bring on 2014!!

Take care!



Well this is the last Rockcast of 2013! This year has been fantastic for finding new talent! I think next year will go one better!!
So for this Rockcast, I have a playlist that shows that these are the guys we should keep an eye on for next year!
So grab your favourite New Year’s Cocktail, a tube of pringles and turn the volume up to 11!!
I present you THE FUTURE:

Spoken intro by the awesome Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast
Neberu – Blacklight/Whitelight
Powermouth – I Love my Chainsaw
Goodmorning, Gorgeous – In Us We Trust
Walking Across Jupiter – Right to Life
Annihilation – Hear Them
The Vincent(s) – Asked Her to Dance
Migration of the Herd – It’s a Trap
A Hero for the World – End of Time
Shock – Fighting Chance

Ending by: A Hero for the World – Auld Lang Syne

Well Fanatics!
As I mentioned in the Rockcast, I thank you for the fantastic awesome support via Facebook, Twitter & Email!!
So here’s to 2013, time to put that in the bin and get out 2014!
Have a fantastic new year fanatics!!
If your that next big thing of 2014, email me!!
See you Next Year!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast


It’s the most wonderful time of the year (unless you work in retail!)
Its the first ever Rockcast Christmas special!
Been a difficult one to find Xmas related songs but man this playlist is SWEET!!

Let’s get festive and have a look at tonight’s Xmas Special

Charlie Parra del Riego – Jingle Bells
Jettblack – Walking in the Air
Town Bike – (It Should’ve Been) The Worst Christmas Ever
Harrington Saints – Xmas
Automatic Habit – Merry Christmas, Don’t Come Home
Amon Amarth – Viking Christmas
Step Echo – Under the Mistletoe
One Hell of a Christmas – Sleigh Ride (NOTE: Found the info after recording, so I ended up giving the wrong artist name and album! Major D’OH!!)
Daniel Tidwell – Little Drummer Boy
Unsung Recording Studio – The Fox
Trucker Diablo – We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas <—– DOWNLOAD THE SINGLE HERE OR HERE OR HERE You won’t regret it!! ;-)

Well this has been a great fun Christmas this year!!
I want to wish each every one of you fanatics, the bands that have been featured on the Rockcasts a Very Merry Christmas!!

I’m off to have a Christmas break for now! Keep Supporting and sending the MP3′s!!

Have an awesome one!!