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Dragonforce have returned this year! Everybody is going gaga about power metal returning!…Power Metal has never died.
I present you with an album review that came out this year and not everybody has discovered the talents hidden in the genre.
I present you with a brand new Power Metal band in the making, this is Noble Beast with their debut self titled album and I’m gonna tell you why you should pick up this soon-to-be-classic album for your collection.

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Thanks to Asterix. We travel to Europe and discover a band that has released a NEW album! Hidden talent within Belgium.

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One band has made a major difference for the Rockcast.
Discovering bands has been a joy to me.
However, one band has made a huge difference!
I proudly show off my collection of merchandise and albums by the awesome Varga!

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Copyright Vargantuan Music
Varga consist of Joe Varga, Dan Fila, Adam Alex & Sean Williamson

One of the most requested Album reviews of all!
The highly anticipated album, a sequel to one of the best albums of 2013.
A band from Canada made their name known last year on the Rockcast thanks to a link to download ‘Gamera’ for Free.
Is this the sequel we’ve been waiting for?
Watch the video to find out!!

From the country that has great talent from Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Emtombed, In Flames etc. comes a brand new band that deserves to be touring with those guys!
I bought the album from Bandcamp and I finally got around to reviewing a band that gave me an amazing shout out on their Facebook Page, I return the favor! I present you my review on Avenir’s Debut Album Chrysalis

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Finally! I have returned to some album reviews!
What a way to return, an album that I pre ordered since December last year! I have high hopes for this band, the album is finally released and I got my digital copy (while I’m awaiting the physical copy)
When I first presented this band on my Rockcast, I dubbed them ‘UK’s Answer to Alter Bridge’
I present you with Martyr De Mona and their new Album ‘Impera’

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I travel to Norway to view some awesome thrash metal!
I present you with Critical Solution. Their debut album ‘Evil Never Dies’ is absolutely fantastic. I was donated this twice, digitally and physically (along with the t-shirt)

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The design of the artwork is awesome, designed by Mario Lopez. Go check out his awesome website;

Was there any other albums from last year that you enjoyed along with Varga’s Enter the Metal?
Are you a fan of Iron Maiden? Saxon? or even Judas Priest?
Then you should be checking out this amazing band. This is Dendera, hailing from Portsmouth, England. This is a prime example of the future!!
I tell you why that their debut album ‘The Killing Floor’ is one of the best albums from last year.
I’ll be surprised if they don’t get the attention after a fantastic debut!
If you want to support the future and begin your experience, head over to: to get yourself 2 albums and a t-shirt! ALL FOR £20. Worth the Price!
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The Rock Fanatic reviews an album that is an absolute bargain! I bought an album from iTunes and this one album caught my attention. 6 Tracks and it cost £2.49! No one has ever reviewed the album and so I come to the rescue. I present you with a band from Norway, Few Dollars More. I’ve filmed this review with a brand new webcam ready for future reviews and interviews via Skype.

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So I’m back with an album review! I decided to give you my opinion on a group that’s meant a lot to me in the last 3 years.
This is Battlecross, I’ve played them twice on my Rockcast. Since discovering them on twitter, they have easily become one of my favorite bands of all time.
I’ve decided to check out their debut album Pursuit of Honor, which I think is one of the greatest debut albums (well in the top 3 anyway!)
They are owned by the awesome Metal Blade Records: My all time favorite Record Label.
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