Hello Fanatics! Welcome to the home of the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
This page is a work in progress and will get better and hopefully more interesting as time passes.
All comments (except really mean ones) are gratefully appreciated.


What is the Rock Fanatic Rockcast?

The Rockcast is an online weekly show where I play the best independent Rock/Metal that I find on the internet or sometimes people give me suggestions. I then help promote the band and give them some exposure to those never listened to the band before.

Can I suggest a band for recommendations?

Yes I love hearing suggestions on Facebook or twitter. You can even email me with suggestions.

Can I send you any music?

Definitely!! I welcome MP3’s or even the format that iTunes uses! You can send them to rockfanaticrockcast@gmail.com

Why are you not playing my music?

Keep in mind, I get sent a lot of music in a day so please try to be patient while I work my way through the emails!

What are fanatics?

I call my fans ‘Fanatics’. Those who have supported the Rockcast from the start or love listening to the show and discovering new music get called a fanatic by me!

Who are you?

My name is Owen Tillett.
I am originally from Essex (please don’t get me started with TOWIE)
I live in Derbyshire.
I live with my fiancĂ©e and we’ve been together for over 8 years!
I love rock and metal music. Other than music, I love movies, animals and video gaming.
I work in retail other than doing the Rockcast.

Are you fanatical about anything else?

Animals, Video Games, Movies to name a few
What are your favorite Movies?

The Wicker Man (1973), Back to the Future trilogy, Ghostbusters, Rocky, Hammer Horror Movies, Classic Universal Horror, The Wrestler, First Blood, Terminator 1 & 2, Kung Fu Panda series, Godzilla (1954),King Kong (1933)
…too many to count!!

What are your favorite music artists?

Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Battlecross, Blackwolf, Cannibal Corpse, Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, Iron Maiden, Korn, Massive Wagons, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Skindred, Skeletonwitch, Slayer, Varga and tons more!!

Other artists include Weird Al Yankovic, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John,

Why do you call yourself Odie?

It’s a nickname I’ve adopted from my younger days. I watched a lot of Garfield and my older brother nicknamed me Odie and then it just caught on. And yes I own a Odie cuddly toy.

How do you record your Rockcasts?

At the moment, I am recording on my iPhone. Then I send the recording to my own email address, convert them into MP3s. Edit in Audacity and spend a few hours editing. I will be looking to upgrade to a decent microphone in the future!

When do you upload your latest Rockcast?

I aim to upload every Wednesday, every week. Special editions vary.

Can you upload the Rockcasts on YouTube?

Love to. But YouTube got too picky when I uploaded the first Rockcast and I couldn’t be bothered trying to fight my way through with the BS that YouTube deals with.
I am going to have a YouTube channel in the future. I have a few ideas exclusively for the channel so watch this space!

What are my Goals?

No major goals. I just want to entertain and help independent bands reach their goal!
If I was to have a goal, I would love to host my show and be allowed to play the artists owned by the major labels!

Can I contact you on Skype?

Sadly, no. I rarely use Skype. I’m only looking to use Skype to talk to members of bands that want to chat with me.

How did you manage to play Battlecross and Skeletonwitch on your Rockcast?

I knew Battlecross when they first formed and was one of their loyal fans and have supported them. They allowed me to play their track on my Rockcast.
As for Skeletonwitch, I asked them for permission to play one of their tracks, they followed me and we spoke to each other
privately. Those moments are among my favorites.

Can I donate physical music albums or send you stuff that might help your Rockcast?

Email me at rockfanaticrockcast@gmail.com and tell me what you like to donate. Send me a legitimate picture from your phone/camera. If I’m interested, I’ll let you know and give you an address to send to.
If it’s a cash donation to go towards production, again, just email and we can look into it as I’ll need to sort out PayPal or anything similar


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