Welcome to a (Not so Easter Special) of the new Rockcast!
Armed with Oreos & Hot Cross Buns, I present you with a blockbuster of a playlist for today’s Show!
In today’s show, more female fronted bands from New York and Charlotte. Thrash metal from the country that’s hosting the World Cup this year! A band that’s ranked #233 on Reverbnation, more Horror Punk and 2 bands from Manchester that are the prime examples of the future!
More Movie Chat and its debut a bucket of memories!
Let’s check out the playlist!

Flames of Fury – Save Yourself
Ten Ton Tabby – Ride on to Me
Deathraiser – Terminal Disease
Thirteen Shots – First American Sweetheart
Smoke the Sky – Rocket Kid
Poor Man’s Fame – All or Nothing
A Mouthful of Matches – Gather Up Your Spine
Babylon Fire – Shattered Crown

Awesome bands as always! Go check them out on their respective Facebook Pages and give them a like! You’ll find more details about getting their albums/MP3s etc.

Happy Easter Fanatics and I’ll see you next time for a brand new Rockcast!

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