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Time to crack open the Trooper Beers. Time to grab your favorite snacks, this is the ROCKCAST that everybody’s been waiting for! I have spoken highly about this one mainly because of the Playlist I have lined up for you guys tonight.
It was so epic that I had no time to include a movie, video game, bucket of memories etc corners. So it’ll be back next week hopefully. For tonight it is all about the Future of Rock and Metal! So get your favorite drinks and snacks and be prepared to go Crazy!!
In this playlist, a first for the Rockcast; we discover a band from Ecuador in South America. A band that got my bad ass approval for moving from the basement into (listen in to find out!) More UK unsigned talent including our answer to Lamb of God!! One of my favorite genres makes a swift return courtesy of an favorite we played a while back and so many more!!
PLUS tonight, the band that got my personal pick of album of the year last year ARE BACK with a BRAND NEW SONG taken from the upcoming much anticipated Sequel!
Also the headliners are future LEGENDS, it began with a twitter email stating that they have started following @RockFanaticRock and the one member happens to be one of my heroes of all time! My heart was beating and become nervous while I was chatting about these guys (No joke!)
Find out more in tonight’s Rockcast; Here is the Line up!

Anima Inside – We Belong
Ire Clad – (In my Head) Forevermore
The Final Chapter – Sins
Designs of Chaos – Blood Oath
Empty Care Cup – E Rage
Serpenteens – Gates of Steel
Two Ton Anvil – Ballbreaker
Varga – Three Section Staff (NEW SONG)
Fozzy – Lights Go Out

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed recording and editing this awesome Rockcast!

Without you guys, I wouldn’t be typing about my happiness and Joy! So I want to thank you guys for being so supportive and awesome!

The Rock Fanatic is gonna catch up with some Game of Thrones and then find more bands that are the future of the Genre!

Thank you for listening and give those bands some support via Facebook or twitter!

Take care and see you next time for more!!

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After a brief Easter break and Bank Holidays.
I am back with a brand new Rockcast! Had one many Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns so back to drinking good Ol’ Yorkshire Tea!
In this Rockcast, we have bands all over the UK including some that I recently found via the emails. We make a trip to Canada. We discover Australia’s Answer to Rob Zombie mixed with Disturbed! A genre that makes me smile every time I say it! A band that is going to be attending the Metal Gods Festival this year! and many more!!
In movie corner: a conversation about Aerosmith that resulted in being gobsmacked for an ‘announced’ sequel to a movie that was based on an novel!
So grab your leftover Easter Eggs and a couple of Fosters! Lets check out the playlist!!

Aventus – Warrior
Eldebrock – Release Me
Reapers Riddle – Zombiefied
The Vee Bees – Meet my Middle Finger
New Party Army – No One Gets out of here Alive
Misanthropy – Your Creation
Future Villains – Reject
Celeb Car Crash – Dead Poets Society
Borderwars – The Present Day
XII Boar – Truck Stop Baby

Click on the bands name and you’ll be taken to their Facebook pages, give them a deserved Like and you’ll be supporting the future of the genre!!

Thank you for listening and I hope you had a great Easter!
Take care and I’ll see you on the next Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

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Welcome to a (Not so Easter Special) of the new Rockcast!
Armed with Oreos & Hot Cross Buns, I present you with a blockbuster of a playlist for today’s Show!
In today’s show, more female fronted bands from New York and Charlotte. Thrash metal from the country that’s hosting the World Cup this year! A band that’s ranked #233 on Reverbnation, more Horror Punk and 2 bands from Manchester that are the prime examples of the future!
More Movie Chat and its debut a bucket of memories!
Let’s check out the playlist!

Flames of Fury – Save Yourself
Ten Ton Tabby – Ride on to Me
Deathraiser – Terminal Disease
Thirteen Shots – First American Sweetheart
Smoke the Sky – Rocket Kid
Poor Man’s Fame – All or Nothing
A Mouthful of Matches – Gather Up Your Spine
Babylon Fire – Shattered Crown

Awesome bands as always! Go check them out on their respective Facebook Pages and give them a like! You’ll find more details about getting their albums/MP3s etc.

Happy Easter Fanatics and I’ll see you next time for a brand new Rockcast!

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Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
Taking a break from the fizzy drinks, I decided to present you with this week’s playlist with a good ol’ English Cup of Tea.
Without any further delay, I present you with more metal from Texas, Italian Goth Rock, we fly back to South America; not for the destination of the World Cup but to Chile! A Band that offers there debut EP absolutely for free! Canadian Epic Death/Power Metal! I dig out some old VHS tapes just to find a kick ass theme! With a very promising band from Bournemouth in the UK to headline the Rockcast and SO much More!
Let’s check out the playlist!

Dead Earth Politics – Redneck Dragonslayer
The Shiver – Ocean
Bleak Flesh – Introspective Hypernova
Shapist – Phantom
Screaming Beast - Lost and Betrayed
Crimson Shadows – Upon the Waves/Freedom and Salvation
Thirty 30 – Head in Hand
Voodoo Vegas – Bullet

Awesome Bands! If you like them, tell those bands where you discovered the music!
Onwards to Rockcast #35 Next Week! High Ho Silver! Away!

Keep it Awesome!

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P.S: Trailer is played at the end for a certain awesome band for a new album! :-D

From the country that has great talent from Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Emtombed, In Flames etc. comes a brand new band that deserves to be touring with those guys!
I bought the album from Bandcamp and I finally got around to reviewing a band that gave me an amazing shout out on their Facebook Page, I return the favor! I present you my review on Avenir’s Debut Album Chrysalis

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Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

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Keep it Awesome!

NOTE: Sorry for the Low Sound Quality! :-(

Finally! I have returned to some album reviews!
What a way to return, an album that I pre ordered since December last year! I have high hopes for this band, the album is finally released and I got my digital copy (while I’m awaiting the physical copy)
When I first presented this band on my Rockcast, I dubbed them ‘UK’s Answer to Alter Bridge’
I present you with Martyr De Mona and their new Album ‘Impera’

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Welcome to the Rockcast once again!
Armed with cans of Pepsi and Irn Bru, I present you with an all NEW original playlist! Let’s Do This!
On today’s show; a band that’s combined with Progressive, Power, Melodic & Traditional Metal. More UK talent including a Metalcore that I predict to be the next big thing! Another band part of the Horror Punk genre craze and a band from our favorite country that was recommended by Rockcast Favorites Varga and many more!
Let’s check out the playlist!

Mindmaze – This Holy War
Khaos Theory – Endless Retribution
From Dusk Until Dawn – Going Under
The Order of the Fly – The Mariner’s Lament
Hero in Red – Demon
Exile the Damned – Graced with Fear
Divided We Fall – Corrupt and Careless
Caym – Willow Farm

Order the NEW album by Caym “Red to Black” through email: (make sure you tell them you heard their song through the Rockcast!)

Amazing bands, I urge each of you to check them out and support them! The future of the genre gets better and better!
Thank you with the amazing support!

Keep it Awesome Fanatics!

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