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Howdy Fanatics!

Armed with a diet coke (caffeine free!) I present you with a playlist with a legend band with a new singer and new song! New bands that take us to Charlotte, New York and Texas. I have discovered new UK talent. We head back to Essex (Not the TOWIE area!) After the success of Massive Wagons last week. I revisit the band I personally dub the cousins of Massive Wagons!

Let’s check out the playlist!

Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Spine Extraction – Eternity Awaits
Die No More – Council of War
Soul in Tension – One Request
Let Me Embrace – Arrogance
Crescent - Intro/Brotherhood
Killcode – Slave
Promethium - Rain

That’s another Rockcast done for this week!
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See you next time fanatics!!

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Hello fanatics! Grab a seat, get your favorite drink and snacks as I present you with another playlist.
Throughout the Band Massive Wagons wrote on their Facebook Page “GREAT NEWS COMETH” What does this mean? Well I keep an eye on progress through the show. Will it be announced? They Only way to find out is for you guys listen in on today’s Rockcast with a belter of a playlist! Let’s check it out!
A band I’ve personally dubbed the band to listen to after Iron Maiden call it a day. Black Metal meets the Wild West, Australian Metalcore, we travel to Hollywood and Chicago for some promising bands and much more on today’s Rockcast!

Stormborn – Intro/Survive
Skymir – Hung, Drawn and Quartered
To Catch a Fox – Cut the Line (Feat. Josie Cooper)
Tempting Fate – Get Up
Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians – 1428
Punch Cabbie – Vultures
Iron Knights – Destroyer

As always, there is the movie and video game corner. I address the recent announcement of another childhood favorite being turned into a movie. The weakness of the South Park video game!

Thank you for listening! Spread the Rockcast with all your family, friends and pets!!

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Evening Fanatics!
Can you believe its been 30 Rockcast Episodes since I started doing this! The result; finding awesome bands and tunes!

This is a playlist that’s been sat on my notepad for a while and since its my 30th Episode, I’ll share some awesome bands with you guys!

Let’s Check it out!

Noble Beast – The Dragon Reborn
The Chuck Norris Experiment – Black Leather
Psycho Mad Sally – My Case
Peter Pan Speedrock – Crank Up the Everything
Alien Ken – Cleanse my Claws
The Distorted – Dead by Dawn
Collapse – The Cursed
Hirax – Hellion Rising

Awesome bands! I suggest you check them out!!

After 30 Rockcasts, its time to take a well deservered  rest. You guys enjoy the bands I’ve played and to quote a certain Arnold; I’ll be Back!

Thanks for the awesome amazing support!!

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It’s Pancake Day! Yes it’s P P P P P P Pancake Day! This is way better than overhyped overpriced Valentines! Grab your favorite topping (I’ve got Cadbury’s Crème Egg and Nutella!)
I’m armed with Pancakes (obliviously!) and some Diet Pepsi! I present you with one of the most epic playlists yet! All the bands I play have awesome potential to be the next BIG thing! I play one epic band after the next!
On this one we have Thrash Metal Madness, We travel to Mexico (a first on the Rockcast!) Bargain Albums!! That’s enough of the mini spoilers…
So without any further delay, here is the Playlist for tonight’s Rockcast!

Unleash the Archers – General of the Dark Army
GlassBullet – Misguilded
The Brew – Skip
Razorwyre – Nightblade
Within Reason – Control
S7N – Blackout
Black Navada – Syndrome
Critical Solution – Soulmaker

PHEW! That is what a call a playlist! Not even up to #30 yet!

Time to rest up and get ready for next week! So time to head back on Reverbnation, iTunes, BandCamp, Twitter, Facebook and even donations and find a playlist that hopefully rival with today’s playlist!
So that’s my mission for this week! Your mission is to help the bands from today’s playlist and share them out with your friends, family and pets!

Thank you for listening and supporting the Rockcast!
Keep it awesome!!

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Maid Marian and her Merry Men Copyright BBC
Thank you to Tony Robinson for creating the show!

I travel to Norway to view some awesome thrash metal!
I present you with Critical Solution. Their debut album ‘Evil Never Dies’ is absolutely fantastic. I was donated this twice, digitally and physically (along with the t-shirt)

Please support the band at their websites:

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The design of the artwork is awesome, designed by Mario Lopez. Go check out his awesome website;