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Welcome back for more Rockcast Goodness!
A playlist that includes promising future talent with all different kind of genres in the world of Metal and Rock!
Armed with Diet Pepsi, here’s a playlist ready for the latest Rockcast!
Let’s Do This!

Massive – One by One
Lucks Lane – Running for My Life
Zombina and the Skeletones – Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead)
Into The Wild – Red to Black
Honeycomb Love – Run For Your Money
Hazzard’s Cure – Prayer of the Hunted
Driven – The Fool
Martyr de Mona – Influence and Persuasion

Phew! That’s enough for me this week!
As always, thank you for listening and I’ll see you again for a new Rockcast and a new playlist!

See you later!


Was there any other albums from last year that you enjoyed along with Varga’s Enter the Metal?
Are you a fan of Iron Maiden? Saxon? or even Judas Priest?
Then you should be checking out this amazing band. This is Dendera, hailing from Portsmouth, England. This is a prime example of the future!!
I tell you why that their debut album ‘The Killing Floor’ is one of the best albums from last year.
I’ll be surprised if they don’t get the attention after a fantastic debut!
If you want to support the future and begin your experience, head over to: to get yourself 2 albums and a t-shirt! ALL FOR £20. Worth the Price!
Check out their various websites!

The Rock Fanatic reviews an album that is an absolute bargain! I bought an album from iTunes and this one album caught my attention. 6 Tracks and it cost £2.49! No one has ever reviewed the album and so I come to the rescue. I present you with a band from Norway, Few Dollars More. I’ve filmed this review with a brand new webcam ready for future reviews and interviews via Skype.

Buy the album on iTunes:

Check out their Facebook Page: and their website:

Buy Tickets for the Metal Gods 2014:

Head over to the Rock and Metal Circus 2014 for Lineup and Tickets:

I will be attending the Metal Gods Festival on May 31st located at The Intake in Mansfield.
I will be trying to meet up with bands for photos, chats and hopefully an interview or two. If you see me, don’t be afraid, come and say Hi!!
Click the image (Complete with the FULL LINE UP!!) below to go to their Facebook Page where from there is a link for ticket purchases!!


Great News Fanatics! I will be attending the Metal and Rock 2014 Festivals from 12 – 14th September 2014, it is being held at HANGAR ONE at Sywell Aerodrome Northamptonshire.
I will be trying to speak to the bands for interviews or photos, if you see me, come say Hi!!

Any additional info click the images below where you can purchase tickets and check out the Line Up so Far!

RMC-banner-large 600x500

Click the image Below for the Line Up!! Looking awesome!!!

RMC-banner-large 960x120


Welcome back to the Rockcast! We have fun and games! …Ok enough of the Guns n Roses inspired quotes.
As you heard last week, The Rockcast has a BRAND NEW theme made by my awesome friend Av Myers from Skarthia.
We fly back to Brazil, travel to Swansea, a band formed by former members of Panic Cell, Finland’s answer to the vein of AC/DC & Motorhead and a band from an underrated record label among other moments.
I also discuss a grudge towards Flora and their term of ‘wrestling’. I also have a side chat about video games.
Let’s check out this awesome playlist!

Slasher – Katharsis/Disposable God
Buffalo Summer – Down To The River
Line of Fire – Faith in Fire
Geezers Go! – Quite alright
Permanent Ability – Hey Now
Order of Voices – Hand in Hand
Seven Deadly – Obliviation
Exmortus – Slave to the Sword

Great playlist, great bands, let’s ALL go and support each band, go check out their respective pages and tell them where you discovered them!
Thank you for supporting and listening!

See you next week!


Welcome once again fanatics!

This week is Valentines Day (GROAN! Overrated!)

I play a promising band from Japan! I play some Ninja Metal! I play someone that’s been compared with his playing style with a major legend! Power Metal is getting awesome!! A Rockcast favorite return with a new song!!
Let’s check out the Playlist!

Primalfrost – Distant Cries of War
Death Valley Driver – Blood Feud
HAW – Black Horse High
Storm Fall -  Live Again
Ninja - Neck Tie Party
Knight Fury - Nothing Left
Sinbreed - Newborn Tomorrow
Massive Wagons – Red Dress

Fantastic playlist, please support each band!! Tell them where you discovered them!!

Excellent fanatics!
Make sure you keep supporting the Rockcast and share it out!

Take care Fanatics and I’ll see you next week!


So I’m back with an album review! I decided to give you my opinion on a group that’s meant a lot to me in the last 3 years.
This is Battlecross, I’ve played them twice on my Rockcast. Since discovering them on twitter, they have easily become one of my favorite bands of all time.
I’ve decided to check out their debut album Pursuit of Honor, which I think is one of the greatest debut albums (well in the top 3 anyway!)
They are owned by the awesome Metal Blade Records: My all time favorite Record Label.
Go check out their website
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on twitter



Can you believe this? It’s the 25th Rockcast?! HooRah!!
Time to celebrate with some Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles and a cup of Tea or two (as it’s blooming freezing in the HQ’s!)
This Rockcast is dedicated to the awesome fanatics that have supported me up to now from Facebook and Twitter!
I’ve looked high and low to find a playlist that I’m hoping that will blow your socks off!  So without any further delay; Let’s Do This!!

Wasteland – Broken
Ranger – Touch of Death
Komodo Wagon – Citizen Doe
Devil’s Diner - For the Emperor
Broken Trojan –  36 Times (Walking Dead)
Tria Mera – Requiem
Eternal Rising – Intro/Break Me Free
The Mini Band –  Ain’t No Other Way

What a belter of a playlist!

I’m off to celebrate my success of 25 Rockcasts!
Thank you for listening and a MAJOR thank you for the AMAZING Support!!

Keep it Awesome Fanatics!!

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