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Well this is the last Rockcast of 2013! This year has been fantastic for finding new talent! I think next year will go one better!!
So for this Rockcast, I have a playlist that shows that these are the guys we should keep an eye on for next year!
So grab your favourite New Year’s Cocktail, a tube of pringles and turn the volume up to 11!!
I present you THE FUTURE:

Spoken intro by the awesome Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast
Neberu – Blacklight/Whitelight
Powermouth – I Love my Chainsaw
Goodmorning, Gorgeous – In Us We Trust
Walking Across Jupiter – Right to Life
Annihilation – Hear Them
The Vincent(s) – Asked Her to Dance
Migration of the Herd – It’s a Trap
A Hero for the World – End of Time
Shock – Fighting Chance

Ending by: A Hero for the World – Auld Lang Syne

Well Fanatics!
As I mentioned in the Rockcast, I thank you for the fantastic awesome support via Facebook, Twitter & Email!!
So here’s to 2013, time to put that in the bin and get out 2014!
Have a fantastic new year fanatics!!
If your that next big thing of 2014, email me!!
See you Next Year!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast


It’s the most wonderful time of the year (unless you work in retail!)
Its the first ever Rockcast Christmas special!
Been a difficult one to find Xmas related songs but man this playlist is SWEET!!

Let’s get festive and have a look at tonight’s Xmas Special

Charlie Parra del Riego – Jingle Bells
Jettblack – Walking in the Air
Town Bike – (It Should’ve Been) The Worst Christmas Ever
Harrington Saints – Xmas
Automatic Habit – Merry Christmas, Don’t Come Home
Amon Amarth – Viking Christmas
Step Echo – Under the Mistletoe
One Hell of a Christmas – Sleigh Ride (NOTE: Found the info after recording, so I ended up giving the wrong artist name and album! Major D’OH!!)
Daniel Tidwell – Little Drummer Boy
Unsung Recording Studio – The Fox
Trucker Diablo – We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas <—– DOWNLOAD THE SINGLE HERE OR HERE OR HERE You won’t regret it!! ;-)

Well this has been a great fun Christmas this year!!
I want to wish each every one of you fanatics, the bands that have been featured on the Rockcasts a Very Merry Christmas!!

I’m off to have a Christmas break for now! Keep Supporting and sending the MP3’s!!

Have an awesome one!!

Before the days of the Rock Fanatic Rockcast, I had been a huge supporter of a upcoming future rock band known as Blackwolf. I saw these guys at a show in Bristol back in August 2013 and I saw a fantastic future ahead of these guys. I then decided to start doing a podcast to showcase the future of Rock and Metal. They were the first band on my first ever Rockcast!
They did a Pledgemusic for a few months and their debut album is fan funded from the likes of my myself and a few fanatics I know.
This video is to show what I got through helping out these guys!
This video is dedicated to those who have pledged towards the album and of course Blackwolf!

Keep it Awesome!!

As the title suggest, BREAKING NEWS!!

I have become part of a new lineup for a brand new Internet Radio Station!
This NEW website and Radio Station launches on Saturday 21st December 2013!

As soon as I know when my show appears, you’ll know on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Thanks for the support from all my fanatics!!

Keep it Awesome!



So its one week to go before Christmas and I have searched high and low. What a belter of a playlist I have tonight! I even have a major headliner tonight.
So lets not waste anymore time, Let’s Do This!!

Martyr De Mona – Siege Mentality
Pace Ride – Shine a Light
Smackhandle – Controversy
Elysium – Day of Destruction
Avenir – Exiled
September Sky – The Fight
Mad Life – Money
Art of Dying – Get Thru This

I tell a little story about Massive Wagons, See the poll below I mention during that moment.
Please support each one of these fantastic bands!!
Next week is the Christmas Special, bands please send your MP3’s!! Fanatics, send me your Christmas Messages and I’ll read them all out!!

See you next week!
Keep it Awesome!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast

So was looking for a quick drink. I stumbled upon a Skittles Milkshake and I also came across a Budweiser brand Peanuts and Pretzels mix!

I thought it’s been a while since I last did an episode of Odie tries so lets check them out!!
Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!!

Its been a while since I last reviewed an album!
I decide to check out the album I got donated by a promising metal band from North London. This is Skarthia debut album ‘Retaliate’

Buy the album at:
Physical Copy:
Check out their website:
On Reverbnation:
‘Like’ them on Facebook:
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Go Support them!!

I also placed an ad for the upcoming Jupiter Falls Debut album (Notice my words made it in the video!!)
Go Pre order the upcoming debut album at:

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Email me your MP3’s, album donations, suggestions, spoken intros, interview requests or just want to chat:

Take care Fanatics and I’ll see you next time on the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
Keep it Awesome!!



Hello Fanatics!!
I haven’t gone away, December is mayhem at the moment as a certain ‘jolly’ holiday is out and about!
I will be celebrating that holiday when I get the new Jack Daniels Winter Jack and when I make the Holiday special of the Rock Fanatic Rockcast.
If you got a Christmas song, the email is and you may appear on the Christmas Special which happens in a few weeks time!!

Onto today’s playlist:

Metal Cross – Burn the Witch
Waxwork Figurine – Queens
Red Rum – Legends
Black Tamanous – Down to the Bones
Defect Designer – Yellow Grimace
Love/Hate – Hanging you Out to Dry
Kickin Valentina – Get Ready
Toy Called God – Only One Menace
Triddana – The Beginning

What a playlist! If you enjoyed any of the bands featured, go check out their facebook page, give them a like and tell them how you discovered them! Something like’ I listened to your track <insert track name> on the Rock Fanatic Rockcast’ and link this episode to their page! Hopefully the Rockcast will spread around then!!

Take care fanatics!
Keep it awesome!



It’s December! Closer to another Christmas once again!
This also means suffering from a cold, so while resting and drinking plenty of Limsip. This doesn’t stop me from presenting tonight’s Rockcast!
Here’s the Playlist;

Soulbleed – Coward’s Lie
Crawler – Knight of the World
Dance! No Thanks – Different Story
Javelin – Closer to the Pain
Hornit – Horns Up Texas
Overdose – Manipulated Reality
Derange – Ego
Jupiter Falls – Someday (Charity Single)
Of Mice and Men – You’re Not Alone

Please support the charity Disaster Emergency Committee that Jupiter Falls is supporting. Buy the single Here!!

I promise next week I will be back to 99.9% health!!

As mentioned I am planning a Christmas Rockcast special! Please send your Christmas themed tracks to and your track may get picked to be part of the upcoming special!

Keep it awesome Fanatics!