On my Rock Fanatic Rockcast, Rockcast #10. I played Varga for the second time. Afterwards I would give the speech about the band and my passion for the band. This speech got Varga’s attention and their own fans would send me tons of messages and ‘Liked’ my Facebook page.
Nowadays, I have been in contact with the manager and the members of the band especially Dan Fila.
I want to thank those guys and their fans for the messages.
Here is the speech, unabridged and uncut.
The trailer of the album preview is copyright to Vargantuan Music. Used with permission.



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  1. Screme says:

    Screme from Hamilton here…long time fan of the band Varga. You are right…they are incredible. I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of their rehearsals last week and if you think the album is good wait until you hear them live,,,they are nothing short of astonishing!!! They will blow your already blown mind even further into the metal stratoshpere! Cheers!

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