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On my Rock Fanatic Rockcast, Rockcast #10. I played Varga for the second time. Afterwards I would give the speech about the band and my passion for the band. This speech got Varga’s attention and their own fans would send me tons of messages and ‘Liked’ my Facebook page.
Nowadays, I have been in contact with the manager and the members of the band especially Dan Fila.
I want to thank those guys and their fans for the messages.
Here is the speech, unabridged and uncut.
The trailer of the album preview is copyright to Vargantuan Music. Used with permission.

I finally receive the physical copy of the masterpiece that is ‘Enter the Metal’ by Varga…However I receive a special item from the band themselves!!

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Welcome Fanatics!
Its #15 of the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
Let’s check out the playlist!

Deliver us to Evil – Innocent Lives
Downfall 2012 – Heckler (NOTE: I call them Downfall without the mention of ‘2012’ whoops)
Wool Over Eyes – Big Stick
Goonies Never Say Die – Paul
Tir Asleen – Heavy for a Half a Guy
Engraved in Blood – Battlecry of the Fallen
Western Sand – A Place I Call Home
Few Dollars More – I Wanna Know

Please check out the artists that have been featured today! Each of the them have a fantastic future ahead of them!
I thank each one of you fanatics for supporting the Rockcast!
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I gave a major shoutout to our friends at the Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast
Go check them out at their new website

I’m looking for advertising during the show. Between playing Wool Over Eyes and Goonies Never Say Die, I advertised the awesome Jupiter Falls song World War Three.
Check them out on
NOTE: They linked my album review and took my quote from the review and put it on their own website!! :-D Thanks Guys!!
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Hello fanatics! New episode for my side project ”Odie Tries…”

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During the commercial break I advertise Varga & Jupiter Falls
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I thought with your kindness and patience, I thought I would release the latest Rockcast earlier than the usual day!
Thank you for the support messages regarding about the Rockcast Cat.
Let’s check out this week’s playlist!

Bonded by Blood – Theme From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Fallen to Flux – Living with the Pain DOWNLOAD THE NEW SONG HERE
Kill for Eden – Living on Mars
Anachrony – Bleed it Dry
Tested Not Insane – Welcome
Redwitch Johnny – Coming Down
Boardwalk Isabella – Resurrection Man
Faith in Violence – Hell for You

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Over the past weekend (9th November 2013)
Our best friend who I dubbed the Rockcast Cat had to be put down.
She will be sorely missed at the Rockcast HQ.
I will miss her a lot.
A collection of pictures that stay with me in my heart, I recite my all time favorite Alter Bridge song Blackbird.
Rest in Peace Cassie


Odie has returned after the Halloween Specials and the interview with Faith in Violence.
We have reached number 13, some people say its an unlucky number, let me tell you its my LUCKY number! :-D
I receive a major special spoken intro, a fantastic playlist with a BRAND NEW TRACK from our good friends who I played on my very first Rockcast, an exclusive on the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!…oh I have a packet of penguins too!

Let’s have a look at the playlist:

Spoken intro by the legend that is Dan Fila from Varga
Engraved Disillusion – Wither Away/As Life Fades Download the Album Here
Screaming Eagles – Rock n Roll Soul
Terraform – Paradox Download the Song here
Closer to Closure – Places Download the Single here
Winchester Rebels – Flying
Outliar – Faceless Enemy
Tommygunn – Go Go Go
Massive Wagons – Black Witch (EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACK ON THE ROCKCAST!!) Check out Their new Website!
NOTE: I say That new album is unnamed in the Rockcast. It has been named as ‘Fight the System’!! Oops!

Many thanks for the continued support as always fanatics! Without you guys, I wouldn’t have had the interview, got free albums and met awesome people!! So Thank you all of you!

I’ll see Next time on the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!!


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