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TRICK Playlist

Girlz Melon – Tales from the Crypt

Underlined – The Suffering

AngelFlayer – The Devil and the Priest

Black Mire – Ex Inferis

Ancient Ascendant – The Scorn of Dead Men

Zombie Death Stench – March of the Dead

Diementia – Cracked

Beneath the Wake – Apparitions Of Guilt

Skarthia – Demolition

Flayed Disciple – Interceptor

Thanks for listening Fanatics!! Happy Halloween!

Keep it Awesome!
Odie ‘Mr Fanatic’
Rock Fanatic Rockcast

TREAT Playlist


Februus – This is Halloween

Reverend Hellbastard – Pimp my Grave

Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus – Go Go Dance

Alucard – Rock N’ Roll Death Machine

Deathwood – Number 85

Release the Bats – Spooky Julie

Cosmic Monster – Waiting for my Number

Full Story at Midnight – Lawn Mower Limb Thrower

The Renfields – Transylvania Fight Song

Dead by Dawn – Jimmy Returns

Fearless Vampire Killers – Could We Burn, Darling?

Thanks for listening Fanatics!! Happy Halloween!

Keep it Awesome!
Odie ‘Mr Fanatic’
Rock Fanatic Rockcast

In my debut for my NEW Youtube Channel:

I review Varga’s long awaited album ‘Enter the Metal’
I have spoken a great deal about them in my past Rockcasts. I have played ‘Gamera’ & ‘Beginning of the End’ in Rockcasts #4 and #10 respectively.
But does it live up the hype? Let’s Find out Fanatics!


FINALLY!! Odie has Come back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
It’s time for Rockcast 10!!
Time to crack open a beer, my choice?…

Ready for the playlist? LET’S DO THIS!!

A special intro of the past Rockcasts! Including all the spoken intros of the past!

Varga – Beginning of the End (See below for links for preordering!)
Idiom – In the Fall
Ghost of War – This is Not a Test / Only Death is Real
Coffin Daggers – Dr Guillotine
Shellshock – The Maze
Fly Hi – Shall I Be Afraid
Afterlife – Don’t Come Cryin’ to Me
Fallen to Flux – Halo

Thank you for supporting the Rockcast and thank you fanatics for being there when I need you guys the most!

Don’t forget the Halloween special is out next week!

Don’t forget to check out Varga website (its listed under ‘Partners’ within the site or click the band’s name here!)
Preorder the Album here!
Amazon/iTunes links coming soon!

Thank you once again fanatics and keep it awesome!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast

Special thanks to Dan Fila


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Here is when people can make memes and can somehow relate it to the Rockcast. I will post my favourites on here!



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Awesome Guys I know!
Click the Images to go to their respective website! More to follow Soon…

Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast

Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast









Rock Mauritius Radio


Great night! Great set list, although I was surprised that Metalingus was NOT featured.
They did play Blackbird and it was a fantastic to hear it live again, it got me teary eyed at the awesome solo part.
No guitar duel though which was the main highlight a few years back at Wembley.
Downside for me was that I haven’t listened to the new album enough as they did a few songs from that album (Fortress)
But don’t let stuff like that disappoint you. If your gonna see Alter Bridge on the latest UK tour, you are in for an awesome time!
The support groups consisted of Shinedown and Halestorm (I missed Halestorm as traffic was awful and trying to park in Nottingham was bad enough)
But Shinedown surprised me as I never seen them live! One group to keep an eye on for sure!!
Great night!
Keep it awesome Fanatics!!
Odie ‘Mr Fanatic’
Rock Fanatic Rockcast



Welcome to the 9th Rockcast! Once again like in every episode, I have one hell of a playlist for you! Got a special double whammy for one of my ultimate fanatics and got a very special spoken intro! So lets not waste anytime anytime and lets do THIS!!

On today’s playlist:

Spoken intro by the Awesome Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast Check out their new Home
Reign of Fury – Born to Die
Edge of Attack – Edge of Attack
Cambion – Death March
Framing Hanley – Crooked Smiles
Road to Horizon – Keeping Hope Alive
Jupiter Falls – World War Three
Sworn to Oath – Stand Alone
Muckraker – The Iron Heel (After recording it was Will Price that I became friends on facebook, sorry it was midnight when I recorded this!)
Gallows Gate – Mistakes of Yesterday

My fanatic of the week goes to EmmaLouMarie Who has been a big asset to the Rockcast!

Hope you enjoyed the latest episode and I’ll be back for the 10th Rockcast and one step closer to the Halloween Special!!

On a side note as I didn’t mention or speak about this, I am in the hunt for a THEME for the show, start or End as I’m getting a little bored using I Love you from Barney at the end. So anyway that can make (I don’t know) a quick 10 second plus theme you can send them to my email address which is

Keep it Awesome guys and Fanatics!
This is Odie Signing out

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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More Brazillian Metal! First Irish Metal! Catchy Songs!! An exclusive track from San Francisco! PLUS!! A track from a Death Metal Legend!!

So here’s the playlist;

My Fair Lady – For Nothing We Stand
One Shot Kill – Come Out Alive
iHate – Stretcher (**NEW SONG BY THE LEGEND CHRIS BARNES**) Click here to Pledge!
American Head Charge – Set Yourself on Fire
Venrez – Unforeseen
Witch Cross – Demon in the Mirror
Lost in a Name – Poison
Field of Stones – Break Me
The Reaper – Liquid Gold <Click the band’s name to go to the Facebook page! ‘Like’ Them!! Tell them I sent ya!!>

Please click ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ on facebook and twitter respectively on your left!

As mentioned, a halloween special is planned, set for release 31st October AKA Halloween night! I didn’t mention on the rockcast but if you want to be heard on the rockcast especially for my one of a kind Halloween special then send me your recordings and you can be as creative as possible!

Thank you for checking out the latest rockcast!
Keep it Awesome!!



Band Members

Joey Kenny – Guitar and Vocals
Harry Winks – Guitar
Joe Landles – Bass
Callum Woodward – Drums

Current Label


The Reaper is metal band aged 12-15 creating a bit of a storm around the country and a product of Witchwood School of Rock. They are: Joey Kenny (13), Harry Winks (12), Joe Landles (15) and Callum Woodward (14).

They were nominated by David Cameron as the best band in his constituency and went on to become runners up in Rock The House 2012. They were semi finalists and awarded ‘most shocking band’ in the Metal To The Masses which was a competition to win a slot at Bloodstock.

They’ve had a busy couple of years, with many festival performances which included taking to the main stage two years in a row at Alex James The Big Feastival alongside Razorlight, Gaz Coombes and Texas. They did 29 gigs in 2012 alone which must make them one of the hardest working bands around.

They’ve also played festivals at Crabstock, Riverside, Cornbury and Chippy and have the ultimateaspiration of performing at Download some day. They caused a riot at the Milton Queen’s Jubilee Festival where the local residents and Woman’s Institute complained that they were too loud!!! By the time the Police arrived, they had packed up and were rocking hard again at the Chipping Norton Festival for their second booking of the day!!

They’ve been gigging pretty much every weekend supporting the likes of Trucker Diablo and Tragedy at the O2 Academy in Oxford, Mentallica, Guns 2 Roses, Midgar and Iron On Maiden. Other venues they have played are Fat Lil’s, Witney (their favourite), The Roadmender, Northampton, The Facebar Reading and The Wheatsheaf. They’ve been played on BBC Introducing, Biker Rock Radio and Midlands Metalheads Radio.

Their debut video forCry Me A Place To Be now has 8,000 hits on YouTube.

They’ve just released their second studio album entitled ‘You Will Fall’ which was launched at the Skeletor Night at the O2 Academy in Oxford on 26th January

I played their song ‘Cry me a Place to Be’ on my 6th Rockcast (2/10/13). They had sent me an email with thanks for playing and for the kind words I issued on my show.

The New Single Liquid Gold will be released 26th October. Details will follow of when and where to download the single!

Forget about the losers on The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and all that BS. THIS IS THE FUTURE! Young kids should look up to these guys as there idols! Real instruments and real passion for music!

Please support these guys by following them on Facebook
Oh and check out their website too!

As I said and they even mentioned it to their own fans and followers:


Keep It Awesome Guys! Good Luck with the future!