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New Rockcast! TBH I never thought I would have made it this far but thanks to you fanatics and after discovering new music, new bands and talking to new people and you guys keep me going! So this episode is for you guys!

Today’s playlist for today!

Corvus – Breath
The Stone Cold – Fire in my Heart
Sestric – Done with Autority
Deva Stator – Fragile Messiah
Spiral Dive – Grinder |
Shadow Alliance – Firestorm
Devilment – Even your Blood Rejects Me

I gave the guys at the Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast a brief mention! Go give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter and tell them I sent ya!!

As mentioned! I’m going to play Blackwolf’s Debut Single from their upcoming debut album NEXT WEEK!!

Keep it awesome Fanatics!!
Gonna hunt for some more Pepsi with Cherry!!
Odie ‘Mr Fanatic’
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Welcome to a special tribute to some favourites that I grew up with it!!
Grap your favourite Pick n Mix sweets or even some Wonka Sweets AKA Nerds or Dweeps! Grap some old school drinks from panda pops or Slush Puppy!
No playlist required! You can play along and guess the tunes I play! Can you get them all??

Special thanks to;
Toe Hider
And of course…Ron Wasserman

The Rockcast will be back as normal next week! So keep sending those tunes with twitter/email!

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Keep it Awesome Fanatics!!


Released earlier than the usual day. I am going down south for work buisness related (nothing Rockcast related) an won’t have access to a PC for a while. So here’s the new episode. Sorry if this sounds/feels rushed, I have been under a lot of stress lately. I just didn’t want to let you fanatics down!

Anyway here’s today’s playlist;

Nekrogoblikon – Goblin Rangers Theme
The Rocketz – California Hell
Knuckle Puck – Everything Must Go
Tenpenny Joke – She
Skull Branded Pirates – Hempen Jig
Crowsaw - Voodoo Nation
Twelve Years Driven – Red
Varga – Gamera

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The Rockcast is on itunes!

Posted: September 4, 2013 in The Rockcasts

Got an email just now and I’ve been told that you can subscribe to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast on itunes now!
I’ve investigated it. It is true that you can now BUT you can’t search for it as you would normally do.

However if you go on itunes, go to ‘File’ and go to the option ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ and then use the following: <—-Try this one FIRST!! (Copy and Paste!)

OR <—– (copy and paste!!)

Then it appears and you can then subscribe to my Rockcast!!
See Diagram pictures below! (Based on PC Not iMac as I’m a PC Guy!)
Originally I did request itunes to upload my rockcast but I got an email saying it was rejected (not sure why)
But its appeared now! So I’m not going to complain too much!

Keep it Awesome Fanatics!


P.S: Thank you for the massive positive feedback for the new episode! I got a thanks from Slasher on Facebook and even on this site! :-D  start itunesstart 2 itunescompleted itunes


Its finally here! The podcast I’ve been most excited about!
Loads of firsts! A female fronted band? A novelty band? A band from South America?

PLUS: another big name band on today’s Rockcast!
Here’s the playlist for today:

Spoken intro by Welcome by Delta
Elimination – Claustrophobia
Katalina Kicks – Forever Young Download the song here!
Reverence – Bleed for Me
Revenant – Nowhere
Promethium – Gunslinger Download the single
Nekrogoblikon – Powercore
Valous – Lost Inside
Slasher – Overcome Download the Debut and New single
Skeletonwitch – Infernal Resurrection Preorder the New Album here!

Cameos from Massive Wagons & Battlecross as reminders!

Head to the Blackwolf Official Fanpage on twitter as mentioned before playing Reverence song.

Thank you fanatics for keeping me going and I am looking forward to next week


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