The year is 2014,
Over the last few years,
Shows like X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol and many Variations have been popular and making people think that going on a Talent show makes you rich, wealthy & famous…It is Never about the talent anymore!
Those shows brainwash the public with its annoying personalities & music and yet it carries on making money to this day; for those that don’t deserve it!

Meanwhile the genres of Rock and Metal of all kinds and NOW punk are slowly falling into obscurity. People now brush the genre under the rug and the talent within are finding it harder each day to get the music out to the public.

One Day…
a random Rock Fanatic from the United Kingdom decided that enough is enough and his favorite genres needed a helping hand, however rather than focus on the bands that can look after themselves. He focused on the Unsigned, Independent or undiscovered talent hidden around the globe. He searches high and low on the social sites and to this day he realizes how much more passion and determination they have compared to the Bigger artists of today!

He is a Rock Fanatic and his name is Odie;

He Started his own show, grabbed a few Iron Maiden Trooper Beers & Snacks. He now presents his own show known as…the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!!

Send your submissions to

Rock Fanatic

Keep it Awesome!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast

  1. Hello

    Just wondering if you be happy to play my new demo fallen that is garner be on my new solo album aimed to be completed by early next year, the link to the band camp site is on the Facebook page and you can download the song for free.

    Keep metal alive \m/


    . Jez

  2. dan fila says:

    thanks for everything owen, looking forward to hanging out when we get to the UK, cheers!!

  3. The tang says:

    Hello! Answering your calls for submissions. We humbly submit johnnie walker for your consideration!

  4. Joe Vya says:

    Hey Owen!
    It’s getting closer to that time when “Return of the Metal” will be unleashed across the globe.
    We (VARGA) would like to send you a free copy of our new And perhaps a few other goodies!
    We need to know your T-shirt size.
    You have been a great new fan of our music and we appreciate all your help with promoting our music.
    Thanks Owen !
    please email me with your address and details,
    Joe Varga.

  5. Joe Varga says:

    Darn ,
    I hate typing on a iPod ,
    New Disk is what I meant to say.

  6. Joe Varga says:

    Hey Owen,
    Gonna need your info sent my way I wanna send you our new disk and a few others goodies
    Need to know your shirt size.

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